Hire Linux Administrator

Give your server in safe hands

Standard Server Management

If you are looking for one time server set up, you are in right place then. We are expert in setting up AWS, Digital ocean, OVH, Linode, Rackspace servers etc. Our Server Administrator are highly experienced and certified for configuration, setting up of your Cloud, VPS or dedicated server
Just give us your server and we will do following tasks and even more if you wanted to get anything extra done.

  • Set up new server with required control panel and Operating System.

  • Install third party services e.g. PHP SOAP, Phpmyadmin etc…

  • Install SSL

  • Set up back up services

  • Set up firewall

  • Set up email services

  • Set up DNS

  • Security Audit

  • Server Migration

  • Server Optimization

  • Server and services update